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La Ciudad Revisitada (The City Revisited)

These images are part of an artists Group Show, currently on view at the Centro de Arte Museo de Almería.

Show title:

La Ciudad Revisitada (The City Revisited)

Project title:

Los límites de la ciudad (City Limits)

My personal project consists in a series of landscapes in panoramic format. These are desolate lands, some barren, some abandoned, inhospitable, no people at all. There are constructions in all of these landscapes. Houses, caves, bunkers (reminders of the spanish civil war). Most of them are dilapidated. And, curiously, in the proximity of densely populated areas. Some of these seedy constructions are inhabited (even the old bunker on the beach).

It could be said, these are the last constructions marking the city limits. Just a few steps further away begins the countryside, or the beach and the sea.

I have photographed these places  all through the year, at different times of the day… I know them by heart. These places that so powerfully attract me, pass unseen to most of the people, meaningless…

Color and light have been manipulated in my work, in order to share my feelings with the viewer, in the  way of a painter. Digital treatment increases the «artistic» look of my photographs, making them look like pictures for and advertising campaign… of places that would never go on a tourist brochure. And that is the contrast that I like.

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